GROW3 BenchLight™ Series Controller

Through the Grow3™ Controller a user can program up to 256 connected, SP or SL models. The controller is connected to one light within the group, in order to control all connected lights. 

Through the controller the user can preset the pre-programmed color ratios, or adjust to custom color ratios. The Grow3™ Controller also acts as the connection gateway to utilize the Grow3™ APP via Bluetooth.

LYNX3™ Spectrum Meter

This ultra compact spectrum meter is great for growers of all sizes.  The LYNX3™ is a spectrum meter, PPFD meter all in one. Continuously measures lumens and µmol/m2/s (PPF).  Communicating via Bluetooth® mesh technology, the LYNX3™ can wirelessly link to your GROW3™ SmarTune™ and can assist with the overall daylight sensor readings for your entire system.


The LYNX3™ can communicate the current and cumulative PPF for the day and let the SmarTune™ control hub know that there is sufficient light as is programmed and let the Grow3™ systems know to increase or decrease the light intensity for the remainder of the day cycle.


See brochure for full details.

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