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Grow3™ light controls give you the power to control the light intensity and color ratios, which gives you the ability to have 100% control of the type of light (PAR) and the intensity (PPFD) of the lights. 

Set schedules, light recipes, and zone control all on the Grow3™ app.  Adjusting the programming for the grow lights to accommodate different types of crops and growth stages. Each grower can create and save their own grow recipes to suit and adapt to their individual requirements and conditions.

Adding DLI, humidity, leaf and bud temperature, CO2, oxygen, chlorophyll sensors can improve the automation of the growth cycle. The Grow3™ light and controls are compatible with various existing integrated control systems. 

Utilizing the mesh network technology and controls through the Grow3™ app, the LED light system can be programmed for multiple zone controls with different schedules and spectrum outputs.

SmarTune™ control system, uses Bluetooth™ Mesh, Wi-Fi, and PLC technology to control your fixtures from anywhere. Simply use your mobile device to connect your fixtures from anywhere, change the color ratio and intensity instantly.


Grow3™ LED fixtures have the ability to be controlled and monitored for all lighting factors that go into optimizing your grow with the SmarTune™ wireless control system you can manage your Grow3™ fixtures from your phone, tablet, or computer. Quickly set up lighting zones, enable lighting automation and gain control over light intensity, spectrum, and color ratios.

SmarTune™ control system integrates to your layout to incorporate various zone controls, added sensors, and existing integrated control systems. 

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