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What is the difference between the Sunlight and Sunlight Pro spectrums?

The Sunlight models have light output only in the visible light spectrum (400-700nm). The Sunlight Pro models have extended light output in the invisible and visible spectrum (380-780nm), which is the added UVA and Far Red spectrums.

Is CRI important to the development of my plants?

A light's color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal light source (i.e. the sun). This value is not important to how a plant responds or photosynthesizes. Where CRI is important is how well you can tell the true color of something, for example a leaf that might be chlorotic (lacking green). When you have an ideal CRI it is easier to detect color variations that might be indicating poor plant health. PhysioSpec has a CRI of 85. For comparison, HPS has a CRI of 25.

Does the Grow3 light get hot?

This depends on the air temperature and air velocity around the fixture. If you have air flowing around the lights, they will barely feel warm. However, if the air surrounding the fixture is warm or there is little air movement, the fixture will feel warm. This is normal because the fixture housing is designed to draw heat away from the LEDs and drivers. However, these are high-power lighting systems, so we do not recommend handling them while plugged in.

Does the Grow3 light produce heat?

All lighting systems produce heat, but our systems are designed to produce very little heat. Heat is generated from poorly designed power supplies and ballasts. Fluorescent and HID light systems traditionally rely on the transfer of heat by radiation, which generates a great deal of heat. Most of the efficacy of the product is lost through heat, either from the lamp or the ballast. This is compounded by the aluminum reflectors that are commonly used in these systems, and this can have a substantial impact on the temperature at canopy level. LED Smart’s systems are designed to conduct the heat away from the fixture, by conduction and convection. This is why the sides and backs of the fixture body may feel warm. Since convection is carrying the heat away from the fixture from the top of the fixture, your canopy temperature will be minimally impacted in comparison with fluorescent and/or HID lighting system.

Do you offer financing?

Please contact us for more information regarding potential financing opportunities. sales@grow3.ledsmart.com

Does wattage effect plant growth?

Unlike traditional lights the watts and light output are not the measurements that are solely used to consider the best illumination for the plants. While an average watts per square meter may be able to be calculated, the best method is PPFD or (µmol/m2) and/or DLI (mol/day). Each plant type requires a different level and type of light at each stage of growth. Too much light and you could ‘burn’ your plant, and too low the plant will not grow to optimal performance.

Will Grow3 lights work with my line voltage? What is the amperage?

The Grow3 system is designed to operate with various input voltages. These include 120VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC, 277VAC, and 347VAC. If you are looking for any other voltage type, please contact sales@grow3.ledsmart.com

Are Grow3 lights passively cooled or actively cooled with a fan

As with all of LED Smart’s lighting fixtures, these are designed to operate at cool temperatures despite the ambient temperature. The Grow 3 fixtures are designed to be passively cooled using natural convection without the need for a fan. This passive cooling design ensures that the power used is contributed to the light output growing the plants, instead of cooling the lighting system.

How do I clean my Grow3 light?

The Grow3 light is rated IP66 for water and dust ingress, meaning that there should be no water or dust inside your light. However, we understand that cleaning the outside of the fixtures may be desired from time to time. It is best to consult your instruction and care manual. Never use abrasive or acidic cleaning solutions or materials on any part of the light fixture. Soft and gentle cleaning so as not to scratch the lens or the body. As it is IP66 rated, with the power OFF, the fixtures could be cleaned with a gentle spray of water. Allow to completely dry before operating.

Grow3 grow light fixture with lettuce behind it

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