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Retire the HPS

Retire the HPS

January 19, 2023

HPS, high-pressure sodium lights, is still one of the mainstays of greenhouse lighting - WHY?

New, more energy-efficient technology exists. Could LED technology really replace HPS?

DLI - How Much Light Does My Plant need?

DLI - How Much Light Does My Plant need?

December 19, 2022

The amount of light a plant receives during the measured time period is important for proper growth and optimal photosynthesis.

How much light depends on each plant type and the growth stage. DLI and quality of light can factor into all aspects of a plant's physical characteristics.

Efficiency & Efficacy

Efficiency & Efficacy

November 3, 2022

Knowing the efficacy of LED grow lights is important as it is the best way to compare the energy efficiency of grow lights when deciding which one to purchase.

Grow lights with a high efficacy will be able to produce more light while using less electricity, saving cultivators money on energy.

Defining the Color of Light

Defining the Color of Light

August 29, 2022

For decades the lighting industry has relied on the same method to express a light fixtures’ color output. What is color gamut? How can gamut be more effective method to express actual color appearance.

Color Ratio Technology

Color Ratio Technology

October 5, 2021

Optimizing the color ratio of light for horticulture plants use different color spectrum components during their growth cycles improves plant health and shelf life after harvest. Thanks to the color ratio technology in GROW3™

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