GROW3 Sunlight PRO

We designed the Sunlight Pro version as plants can "see" more light than people do. The sun provides a broader range of light to the earth than is visible to humans. The Sunlight Pro provides the maximum amount of light for healthy plant growth. The light spectrum that most plants utilize has the range from UVA (380nm) to Far-Red (780nm). The Grow3 Sunlight Pro is optimized to provide 100% control to the grower.


The Grow3 Sunlight Pro gives you the ability to control each part of the spectrum intensity and the ratios of Red to Blue spectrums from 1:1 up to 10:1, and added UV and far-red.  We accomplished this all while maintaining high PPE efficacy regardless of the ratio or intensity.


If you want your plants to utilize the most comprehensive light and control system on the market, then the Grow3 Sunlight Pro is the right choice for you.

Presently there are two types of control systems on the Grow3 series, each based on the user's preference. 


Clients get to choose the one that best suits their needs and requirements. Of course, there are specific advantages designed to fit any type of grower, large or small.

Each of the following options has the ability for future function with our APP, WiFi, Bluetooth®, and mesh controlled ability.

Grow3 logo displayed on devices

Industry Leading Controls Including

Spectrum & Dimming 

IP66 Rating

Dust Free & Protected Against Water

 Grow3 sunlight pro spectrum graph
Grow3 sunlight pro specifications
Grow3 sunlight pro 200W ppe chart
Grow3 sunlight pro 600W ppe chart
Grow3 controller in front of plants and lights

Grow3 light controls give you the power to control the light intensity and the light ratios, which gives you the ability to have full control of the type of light (PAR) and the intensity (PPFD) of the lights. 

Unmatched Control

The biggest key to the Grow3 success in greenhouse operations is the full control the user has over the light spectrum output. It is 100% customizable, allowing you to produce the best results for each plant varietal.

Complete Adjustability

Grow3 led grow light fixture hanging over plants

Cleverly designed with multiple drivers to maintain the highest efficacy. Despite the higher or lower light output for each growth stage, the internal drivers remain at their highest efficacy.

Multi-Driver Technology

Grow3 led grow light fixtures with different color ratios
Grow3 control box behind plant leafs

The Standard control method is ideal for most applications. It allows the user to control many light fixtures at one time and control several different features of the fixture from the control box, or APP control.

Standard Control
Advanced Control

The Advanced Control System can have remote or automated controls. The System allows for the individualized control of a single light fixture right on the product itself. The on-board LCD allows the user to program each fixture, as desired for the plant variety grown below.

Two grow3 led grow light fixtures hanging over plants

Control Every Aspect

of Your Grow Cycle

Consistent PPE When Adujusting Spectrum 

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