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Engineered and designed with the busy grower in mind, with the full spectrum or PAR of 400-700nm.  With the GROW3 Sunlight model you can control each part of the spectrum’s intensity (PPFD) and ratios Red:Blue from 1:1 to 10:1, all while maintaining high PPE efficacy regardless of ratio or intensity.

The GROW3 Sunlight Pro has every feature the Sunlight model has – with the added benefit of the invisible spectrum of PAR from UVA to Far-Red (380-800nm). With the GROW3 Sunlight Pro model you can control each part of the spectrum’s intensity (PPFD) and ratios Red:Blue from 1:1 to 10:1, with the addition of UVA and far-red, all while maintaining high PPE efficacy regardless of the ratio or intensity.

GROW3 light controls give you the power to control the light intensity and color ratios, which gives you the ability to have 100% control of the type of light (PAR) and the intensity (PPFD) of the lights. 

Set schedules, light recipes, and zone control all on the GROW3 App.  Adjusting the programming for the grow lights to accommodate different types of crops and growth stages. Each grower can create and save their own grow recipes to suit and adapt to their individual requirements and conditions.

Adding DLI, humidity, leaf and bud temperature, CO2, oxygen, chlorophyll sensors can improve the automation of the growth cycle. The GROW3 light and controls are compatible with various existing integrated control systems. 

Utilizing the mesh network technology and controls through the GROW3 App, the LED light system can be programmed for multiple zone controls with different schedules and spectrum outputs.

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What makes the GROW3 so efficient?  Designed with multiple drivers to maintain the highest PPE efficacy, no matter the light output type for each growth stage, the internal drivers remain at their highest efficacy. Multi-drivers also allow the light to continue at a cool operating temperature. Multi-drivers allow for a single light system to be able to grow seedlings to mature plants.

The ability to add lights, sensors, IoT devices, wired or wireless controls creates a Mesh Network.  The Mesh Network allows the LED Light GROW3 System to be installed, controlled, and expanded easily through either Bluetooth™, WiFi, or PLC. Each sensor or light becomes part of the mesh network allowing for wired or wireless connection into the Mesh Network. A light or sensor failure within the mesh does not affect the communication between the remaining items within the networked devices. The Mesh Network can have an almost unlimited number of devices, allowing expanded connections for zone control.

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