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  • Military Grade Aluminum

  • Low profile, highly efficient heat dissipation system

  • Top tier, high performance LED diodes

  • Individual internal drivers 

  • High speed control system

  • Hybrid Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and PLC control technology

  • IP66 Water and dust resistant

  • User defined color ratio technology


Unlike any greenhouse light system you've ever seen. 

Check out all the unique features to make growing easier.


Becoming ever more intelligent.


How it comes together is why it stands apart.

Hybrid wireless connectivity

SmarTune™ control system uses a hybrid of Bluetooth® mesh, Wi-Fi, PLC technology to control your system from anywhere. 

Simply use your smart device to connect to the system to control the color ratio, intensity, and schedule.

Multiple Internal Drivers

All GROW3 products are equipped with proprietary multiple internal drivers. This technology contributes to a stable, high PPE output, cool operating temperatures, and allows the user to accurately control each portion of the color spectrum within each light.  The multiple drivers allows the user to adjust the intensity without sacrificing PPE efficiency.  

Internal Computing 

Each GROW3™ is equipped with a high-performance mini-processing device. Each system processes the data transmitted through the Bluetooth® mesh, Wi-FI, or SmarTune™. In addition, individualized internal computing allows for the highly customizable group, zone, intensity and color control for every light within the network.

Unlimited Adjustable Color Ratio Technology

Plants do best with light of all wavelengths. However, they do not need equal amounts of each color. Thanks to our adjustable color ratio technology in each GROW3, you can adjust color ratios to improve plants' appearance, growth and size. 

Each GROW3 is capable of color ratio adjustment. It allows you to customize the best color ratio for your needs—one light for all types of plants and growth stages.

High performance, top light series

Premium greenhouse bench light series


New heights of performance

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